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Pizza Ovens

Alfa Ciao Wood Fire Pizza Oven
Wood Fire Pizza Oven

The Ciao is a lightweight, easily maneuvered countertop or portable pizza oven for those in need of a flexible baking solution. This pizza oven gets up to baking temperature in just 15 minutes. Included in this wood-burning oven are features such as the adjustable oven draft, built-in pyrometer, and interchangeable refractory cooking tiles on the oven floor.

Alfa Moderno Over 2 Pizza
Alfa Moderno Oven 2 Pizza

A high-design and high-performance outdoor pizza oven that will enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Pizza Capacity: 2 with a Maximum temperature: 500°C. The Cooking surface wood: 70 x 50 cm and Cooking surface gas: 60 x 50 cm. Weight: 79 Kg Supply: wood or gas (hybrid with Hybrid Kit accessory)
Available: top, top + base, top + table version. Available colors are Antique Red and Ardesia Gray Data Sheet

Halo Pizza Oven
Halo Pizza Oven

Fire up the Versa 16-inch pizza oven for a beautifully cooked, delicious pizza, ready in just a few minutes! The HALO 16 inch pizza oven makes it easy to get a deep flavor, crispy crust, and chewy goodness. Whether it’s in the backyard or at the campground, show off your skills in cooking the perfect pizza with our outdoor pizza oven! Reaches up to 950°F cooking temperature in 12 minutes. Cooks up to 16” Pizza in 5 minutes or less. Includes a large (16” diameter) Cordierite Cooking Stone. 360° Rotating Stone for hands free pizza making